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In an effort to promote library services and literacy throughout the province, BCLTA is encouraging all members to write to the provincial government requesting a province-wide initiative to install library directional signs along our highways.  Help us to get people into your communities and into your libraries as they travel BC's highways.

BCLTA Open Door Newsletter Article
Letter from Minister Falcon
Letter from Okanagan Regional Library
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Yale Library sign along #1 TransCanada hwy



Thanks to generous funding from the Public Library Services Branch, BCLTA is able to offer full-day Trustee Orientation sessions at no charge in your community.  This highly-regarded program is an ideal opportunity for your board to come together to review trustee roles and responsibilities, enhance your board’s effectiveness, and generate new ideas and enthusiasm.  Sessions are delivered upon request, so call now to arrange a workshop in your community.

Register for TOP March 7, 2009 Vancouver Public Library

If you are unable to attend a live TOP workshop, check out TOP Online.

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Chairing the Board is an advanced, full-day training program for new, existing and prospective library board chairs.  The focus is on board and meeting effectiveness, as well as the unique role and responsibilities of the board chair.  Sessions are offered on a cost-recovery basis throughout province upon member request.

To arrange a TOP or Chairing the Board session in your community, please contact BCLTA at or (604) 913-1424


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