"To develop and support library trustees to advance public library service in British Columbia"

April 2008BCLTA handbook

The 2008 BCLTA Effective Board Member Handbook is now available for download.

Working with Dr. Ken Haycock, this handbook has been extensively updated and revised to be a more comprehensive resource for public library trustees.  The key sections of this handbook are:

  • Role and Status of the Board –
    -Summarizes the general powers and duties of library boards with reference to the Library Act.

  • Public Libraries in BC -
    -Provides some public library history, outlines the distinctions between “types” of public libraries in BC and describes the main roles of the Public Library Services Branch.
  • Board Effectiveness –
    -Describes the key characteristics of effective boards, possible board structure and provides some detail on the role of the Chair.  Also includes guidelines for all trustees and a sample “code of ethics”.

  • Effective Meetings –
    -Includes the key elements of an effective meeting, such as a Consent Agenda, and highlights the division of responsibilities between the Board and the Director.
  • Key Board Responsibilities -
    - Outlines the main board responsibilities – from planning through to monitoring and evaluation.

With its expanded content the handbook is not only a great reference for new trustees but it also provides valuable resources for existing board members regarding board and meeting effectiveness.

Thank you to the many trustees who were consulted during the compilation of this handbook.  We would also like to express our appreciation to the Public Library Services Branch for their input and ongoing support of BC public library trustees.

If you require additional copies of this handbook, please contact our office at admin(at)bclta.org. 

BCLTA’s mission –
“To develop and support library trustees to advance public library service in British Columbia”