"To develop and support library trustees to advance public library service in British Columbia"


BCLTA has produced an online version of some of the key components of our Trustee Orientation Program.

Click on this link to access the program http://bclta.invokemedia.com/

The program is divided into two main sections:

Unit I – Background and Current Context for Public Libraries in BCis ideal for new trustees as it describes the overall context for public libraries and then focuses more specifically on the basic roles and responsibilities of trustees.

Chapter 1 - Brief History and Current Context of Public Libraries in BC
Chapter 2 - Roles of Public Libraries
Chapter 3 - Types of Public Libraries
Chapter 4 - Other Types of Libraries
Chapter 5 - Core Values
Chapter 6 - BC Legislative and Support Framework
Chapter 7 - Library Boards - Basic Roles and Responsibilities

Unit II Board Effectiveness and Leadership will appeal to both new and experienced trustees as it describes in detail the characteristics of effective boards.   

Chapter 1 - Overview of Factors in Board Effectiveness
Chapter 2 - Mission and Purpose
Chapter 3 - Select/Support/Evaluate the CEO
Chapter 4 - Articulate Roles and Responsibilities
Chapter 5 - Plan Strategically/Allocate Resources
Chapter 6 - Monitor and Evaluate
Chapter 7 - Public Standing and Credibility
Chapter 8 - Maintain Legal and Ethical Integrity
Chapter 9 - Board Recruitment
Chapter 10 - Community Development Outcomes
Chapter 11 - Summary
Chapter 12 - Summary - Effective Boards

The online training includes extensive use of video from a 2006 training session delivered by Ken Haycock , an internationally recognized consultant who has worked extensively with BCLTA.   In addition to the video, there are a number of related materials found within the program in the form of links to helpful websites or supporting documents.