"To develop and support library trustees to advance public library service in British Columbia"



At its June 20-21 strategic planning session, your BCLTA Board identified the following priority areas of focus for its 2008-2009 activities.  We will be working hard to accomplish specific tasks under each of these priorities over the coming months and, as always, we welcome your feedback on our efforts.

Strategic Priority 1:     Raise the profile of BCLTA

BCLTA will work to improve relationships with sister associations such as BCLA and ABCPLD, and will forge ties with other associations and community groups.  We will strive to foster a reciprocal relationship with PLSB and to broaden provincial government awareness of the Association through contact with ministries of Education, Children and Family Development, Attorney General, Community Development, etc.

Strategic Priority 2:     Advocate on Behalf of the Library Sector

BCLTA will work to assist local libraries and governments to renew/upgrade BC’s library infrastructure through advocating the case for investment in libraries to the provincial government and through gathering information and resources to support library infrastructure-related initiatives.  We will also strive to represent the interests of libraries and increase public awareness of the library sector by communicating the value of libraries to key stakeholders and assisting our members to do the same.

Strategic Priority 3:     Provide Support for Library Trustees

BCLTA will work to support library trustees through new and existing training opportunities and through outreach to local library boards.  The TOP program will be reviewed and revised as needed and a plan for ongoing TOP refresher courses will be developed.  Resources to assist trustees and boards in dealing with local/regional issues will be investigated and BCLTA will work to be inclusive in its member service – attending to the needs of all members – from regional to municipal; small to large; association to federation.

Strategic Priority 4:     Improve BCLTA Operations

BCLTA will attend to several long overdue housekeeping tasks in an effort to improve the Association’s operational efficiency.  These will include, a full review of our constitution, bylaws and policy manual; an update of our website content; and a review of our funding structure.