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Internet Access Policies

PLSB Internet Use Policy Toolkit

The Public Library Services Branch of the Ministry of Education has developed an Internet Use Policy Toolkit to aid in the development or revision of public Internet use policies.   You can access this document through the PLSB Service Center    http://servicecentre.bclibrary.ca/servicecentre/  .   Or a PDF copy is also available through this link:  Internet Use Policy Toolkit
Please note that no one policy is suitable for all libraries.   This PLSB guide is meant as a starting point only.   These guidelines provide information to public libraries and do not constitute legal advice.

Canadian Online Directory of Internet Access Policy

Within this Directory there are now 241 active links to Canadian policy statements - 73 for post-secondary libraries, 96 for public libraries, and 72 for school libraries. There are an additional 43 entries for Canadian resources. The site also contains a listing of more than 60 variant terms being used by Canadian librarians to describe their access policy statements, ranging from “Acceptable Use Agreement” to “Principles in the Use of Information Technology.”  In order to help keep the site current and active, please send revised links, new policy statements, and new publications about Internet access issues to Alvin Schrader at:
To view the site go to: <link>