"To develop and support library trustees to advance public library service in British Columbia"

BCLTA handbook

The 2008 Board Chair Handbook is now available for download.

BCLTA is pleased to provide a copy of BCLTA’s The Board Chair, which we would encourage you to make available, along with The Effective Board Member, to prospective trustees as part of your library’s reference collection. 

This latest trustee resource has been adapted from The Effective Board Member (also known as the Trustee Handbook) specifically for board chairs.  Consult The Board Chair for tips and advice on being an effective chair, leading productive meetings, and ensuring success in board activities and initiatives.

The Board Chair was developed in partnership with Dr. Ken Haycock.  Key sections of this companion publication are:

  • Board Effectiveness
    • Characteristics of effective boards and the chair’s role in ensuring board success.
  • Role of the Chair
    • Primary responsibilities of the board chair as well as characteristics and personal attributes of successful chairs.
  • Effective Meetings
    • Keys to leading purposeful, efficient and effective meetings.
  • Responsibilities of the Board and the Director
    • Elements of constructive partnerships between boards and directors.
  • Board Self-Assessment
    • Tool for chairs to use in gathering feedback from boards.

The Board Chair is both a useful introductory reference for new chairs and a valuable resource for existing chairs in its treatment of board and meeting effectiveness and its discussion of the unique role and responsibilities of the board chair.   

We thank the Public Library Services Branch for its input and ongoing support of BC’s public library trustees.

If you require additional copies of this handbook, please contact our office at admin(at)bclta.org. 

BCLTA’s mission –
“To develop and support library trustees to advance public library service in British Columbia”