BC Library Trustees' Association

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Dr KEN HAYCOCK PowerPoint Presentations
Recruiting Public Library Leaders ~ Exemplary Public Library Branch Managers ~ Working in Teams

Open Space - 2:30 - 4:30 pm Exploring Library Interests and Issues
John Barton, Vice President, Advocacy, BCLTA and Sally Gibson , First Vice President, Education BCLTA, will facilitate this highly participative workshop.
This session is designed to create space for participants to bring forward their interests and issues. Participants will engage in a brainstorming process that will include round table discussions and feedback reporting. BCLTA Directors will be on hand to assist with round table discussions and reporting. Here is your chance to meet fellow participants, engage in lively discussion, share your wisdom and define best practices. We look forward to meeting you at the open space!
CONVENOR - Doug Edgar, Secretary Treasurer, BCLTA
Board Related Issues*

Discussion threads:

  • getting library on agenda of council
  • down-loading or withdrawal of services by government: what's next?
  • rescuing other collections from closed libraries, e.g. law library from closed courthouse, medical library from closed hospital
  • multi-ethnic involvement on the library board
  • co-operating with other library systems to achieve efficiencies
  • ways to get board members up to speed on library issues
  • resisting the push for user fees
  • limits of time available for board discussion
  • provincial standards
  • staff identification
  • personality differences - conflict
  • management style - curse or salvation
  • Sunday opening

* not discussed

Open Space Discussion Group Summary

Discussion ideas:
Identify some successful strategies for getting money from Regional Districts?
List fund raising ideas.
List private funding ideas.
Why don't people donate?
What should we do with fundraising funds: operating or capital projects?
Educate funding bodies as to the role of the library and its needs.
Will the government change our funding?
Funding (grants), are they secure.
Should libraries be tax supported?

After great discussion, three tips regarding funding include:

  • diversify sources
  • focus energies
  • Prioritize goals

Ideas for fund raising:

  • Chocolate Jazz
  • Silent Auction
  • Golf Tournament
  • Dessert Theatre
    • Five Theatre Groups
    • Readings
  • Book Sales
  • Bake-less Bake Sale
  • Books 'n Beer
  • Professional Writer & Local Beer
  • $25. per ticket; two tastes
  • Hire a person (professional) to lobby
  • Partnerships in the community, i.e. Lions Club, Rotary etc.
  • Radio Station: golf tournament for the 3 libraries in the Ski to Sea area.
  • Local Club "Trivia Night"
  • Use fundraising as a tool for awareness that the community values the library
  • Adopt a Book
  • Friends of the Library

Libraries in the Community and Relations with Councils

After great discussion, suggestions for building relations with Councils includes:

  • get passionate, face-to-face
  • follow-up letters with personal visits
  • go to council, talk about library
  • let council know where the money is going and how much bang they're getting for their buck
  • get an interview with the newspaper (local)
  • marketing the library
  • get libraries agenda on the political agenda at election time and make it an issue
  • trustee should listen to community needs vis a vis the library
  • form relationship with other life long learning institutions
  • communicate with council about use of schools, class visits to the library

Future Directions of Libraries - Visioning

Discussion included:

  • Growth in Children's Services
  • Getting to Mothers and kids
  • New Teens Program - sleepovers; Rocking in the Racks
  • Teens as Reading Bodies - $20,000 Starbucks
  • Summer Book Club
  • Red Cedar Readers
  • More Programs =>Success
  • Publication of electronic books vs. traditional books
  • Growth of publishing =>more reading
  • Increase in formats - new
  • Demographics
    • Aging population
    • Outreach programs
    • Internet training

  • 20 % of Canadians illiterate
    • literacy programs
    • learning center programs
  • service delivery efficiencies
    • replication of services
    • financial pressure
  • ethnic demand & response
  • libraries as community builders, meeting places
  • spread the good new about libraries
  • urban - rural disparity
    • how to overcome
    • partnerships - sharing
  • new development synergies