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February 18, 2002 - Ottawa, Ontario

CLA President Margaret Law is pleased to declare April 7 to 13, 2002 as Information Rights Week in Canada. The theme, Canada@Your Library, focuses on the importance of Canadian federal publications and information in creating an open society in Canada and celebrates the 75th anniversary of the federal government's Depository Services Programme (DSP).

The Depository Services Programme (DSP) was established in 1927 as an essential link between the Canadian federal government and the Canadian public, other governments, universities and businesses. Its primary objective is to ensure that Canadians have ready and equal access to federal government information. It does this by providing copies of government publications to more than 790 libraries in Canada and to another 147 institutions around the world.

Information Rights Week 2002 celebrates the role of Canadian libraries as being a key point of contact for citizens, students, educators and researchers seeking government information. Libraries provide assistance by identifying the appropriate level of government and department and by locating the proper information in either print or electronic format.

Information Rights Week is an opportunity for libraries, library associations and others who support access to information, to increase public awareness of all matter of information policy issues: equitable access to government information; intellectual freedom and privacy.

CLA encourages libraries and librarians to play a leadership role within their communities by planning promotions and hosting program for Information Rights Week. Suggested activities in 2002 include public education programs on locating government information, the creation of exhibits highlighting government document collections or programming on access and privacy issues.

CLA members, members of the British Columbia Library Association and DSP depository libraries will receive posters celebrating Information Rights Week 2002 in mid-March. For more details and background materials in Information Rights Week visit the CLA website http://www.cla.ca/resources/irw2002.htm.

For further information about Information Rights Week in Canada, contact:Vicki Whitmell

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