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As a member of the BCLTA you are part of an organization that represents nearly 700 trustees and 70 library boards.

This organization is here to assist you in your role of a library trustee. We provide a forum for the exchange of ideas for greater understanding of the development and promotion of library service. We provide learning opportunities through workshops, publications (Trustees Handbook and the Open Door) and conferences.

Trustees come to their boards with their own areas of expertise. However, few trustees come prepared for the challenges of library stewardship. The BCLTA strives to continually improve and increase the learning opportunities for trustees.

Beyond the training program, the BCLTA addresses provincial issues affecting libraries and is the trustee's provincial voice when lobbying the Provincial Government.

As an Association we are in frequent contact with member libraries, the Library Services Branch and other government representatives.

We also work closely with other library organizations such as the B.C. Library Association and the Association of B.C. Public Library Directors.

On the National level the BCLTA's President, or their designate, sits on the Canadian Library Trustees Association Executive (CLTA). The CLTA is a division of the Canadian Library Association (CLA). The CLA addresses issues of National relevance and lobbies the Federal Government.

We believe that the connection and liaison with other organizations can be supportive in addressing concerns of the library community.



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