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Public Library Services Branch (PLSB) has complete information regarding grants on their online Service Centre.   If you are not registered for the Service Centre, the registration instructions are available on the Service Centre home page.

The information below was provided by PLSB.

Towns for Tomorrow (for communities under 5,000 population)

Below is a link to a news release and application information for the Towns for Tomorrow provincial infra-structure grant program, available for communities under 5,000 population via the Ministry of Community Services.

Municipal and community library projects are specifically mentioned as qualifying in section 2.1 of the Program Guide.  Cost-shared grants of up to $400,000.00 per project (80% provincial/20% local) will be awarded for 3 years, starting in the Spring of 2007.

Applications must be submitted by an incorporated municipality that has a population of 5,000 persons or less, or the Central Coast Regional District

The application deadline for 2007 is: February 16, 2007.

News release
Towns for Tomorrow web site: (program guide, application form and additional information):
Ministry of Community Services, Infrastructure and Finance Division
Phone: (250) 387-4060; Email: [email protected]

Spirit Square Grants

The program guide and application for the Spirit Squares grants. The grants are for the development of outdoor community spaces: 
"The program will provide $20 million for capital projects to create or improve outdoor public meeting and celebration spaces such as traditional town squares or community commons. Funding will be based on a 50/50 cost-sharing with municipalities and regional districts, with a provincial contribution of up to $500,000."  This information is from the news release on the Ministry of Community Services website.

A library project might qualify, if it relates to developing an outdoor (or even indoor?) community square/space of some kind - especially in partnership with other agencies - which could be the case perhaps with some libraries that are currently being built or renovated etc.

Further information is available at the same phone number/email as for Towns for Tomorrow program:
Ministry of Community Services, Infrastructure and Finance Division
Phone: (250) 387-4060; Email:  

Other grants that libraries may qualify for re: building projects are:

Canada-British Columbia, Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund: Deadline: January 31, 2007.


Heritage Legacy Fund: "Provides financial assistance to registered charities, non-profit organizations and local governments in support of community projects that conserve and increase the understanding and appreciation of British Columbia's heritage resources."  Applications are accepted on a continuing basis.

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