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Festival de los Libros, The Festival of Books

by Julie Kelly, Pemberton Public Library

The Pemberton Public Library recently hosted a unique evening of fundraising, food and fun called the Fiesta de los Libros.

Joining forces with a popular Tex-Mex restaurant called the Santa Fe Station, the Library Board sold 100 tickets in advance. The goal was to raise $3,000 for new signage and shelving.

By combining a wide selection of silent auction items, which were both interesting and affordable (local crafts, services, tools, etc.) with a small number of unique live auction items, we insured the evening was both enjoyable for all and successful for the library.

Some of the most frenzied bidding was for "all the potatoes you can eat in a year" and "a cup of coffee a day for a year". All items were generously donated by local businesses. Tax receipts were issued to the donors.

The key to success is to organize auction items which are unique, attractive, and affordable to the guests so that the purchase can be easily viewed as a donation. Guests were kept informed with programs on the tables and short annoucements of auction table closures. The room was abuzz with people mingling as they checked their bids.

The event was oversold with 102 people attending, and at the end of the night, the Pemberton Library had raised $5,100! It was the talk of the town for weeks, marking the most successful fundraiser in the library's history.

Next year's "Fiesta" promised to be even better. For more information regarding the organization of tihs event, contact Julie Kelly thorugh the Pemberton Public Library, PO Box 430, Pemberton BC, V0N 2L0, 894-6402.

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