"To develop and support library trustees to advance public library service in British Columbia"

What is a Forum?

An online discussion group. Online services and bulletin board services (BBS's) provide a variety of forums, in which participants with common interests can exchange open messages. Forums are sometimes called newsgroups (in the Internet world) or conferences.
from webopedia.com

How will the BCLTA forum benefit me ?

By allowing you to share ideas on various topics of importance to library trustees for example:

  • Advocacy Ideas
  • Facilities
  • Fundraising
  • General
  • Governance and Policy
  • Library Act Review

How do I use the forum? - First you Register

  1. From the forum page, look for the register icon
  2. Read through and Agree to the terms
  3. Choose a user name and password
  4. Provide an email address
  5. ALL PROFILE information is optional and available for public view
  6. ALL PREFERENCES are optional, but you may want to enable:
    • Always notify me of replies:
      Sends an e-mail when someone replies to a topic you have posted in. This can be changed whenever you post.
  7. If you are familiar with forum terminology you can change preferences, or re-visit and modify at a later time.
  8. Once you've registered, you can, in future, go directly to the forum loginfrom the main page <link>

The forum - Now that you've registered

  1. Login
  2. You'll see 6 main forums
  3. Explore each forum by clicking on it
    • Within each forum you can POST messages following the screens, which look similar to some email programs you may have seen
    • People can respond to the topics within each forum (called threads) and if you chose to be alerted by email (Step 6 above) that's what will happen, otherwise, the next time you login you'll see the "threads"

How do I get back to the forum list?

Anytime you need to get back to the main forum list, just click on the BCLTA logo (top right) or the text " BCLTA Information and Sharing Forum Index " or use the "jump to" menu (bottom right)

So what else can I do in this forum?

Other than sharing ideas you can also:

  • Send Private messages to others
  • View member information
  • Edit or delete your message
  • Quote a previous message to include with your reply
  • Reply to a Post
  • Create a new Post. Think of a Post as a sub-topic of the Forum.

Is there anything else I should know?

  • This is a public forum and all comments are viewable, so please do not post anything that you consider "public"
  • Don't forget to LOG OUT when finished, especially on a public computer.