"To develop and support library trustees to advance public library service in British Columbia"

An Education Resource for Trustees                

Did you know that education programs for library trustees are available through the Education Institute?   What’s required to participate?  Often just a telephone.  These programs are typically in the format of a one hour audio conference that you join from your own site.  Any number of people can participate from your site and the cost is relatively low. 

What is the Education Institute?

The Education Institute is a division of The Partnership – a new network of provincial and territorial library associations across Canada. The Partnership provides programs and services to the members of a number of library associations across Canada including the British Columbia Library Association.  The learning programs of The Partnership are offered coast- to-coast through teleconferences, web casts and on-line through the Education Institute.  Their website is www.thepartnership.ca.  If you scroll down to the Education Institute section and click on this link, you will see the full slate of programming offered by the EI.   The staff at your library may already use EI programs for their own development and education.

What is an Audio Conference?

An audio conference is basically a teleconference – often with hand-outs provided in advance.  Charges are by site, not by person, so you can have more than one individual listening on the same call.   You could designate a board member to attend on behalf of your board, or cluster around a speaker phone for the group to participate.

Typically the session would include a more formal presentation by the host as well as the opportunity for Q&A from listeners.

How can you participate?

To join in, simply go to www.thepartnership.ca, scroll down to the Education Institute, then select the calendar where you will find program and registration information.  Most of the audio conferences cost around $54 if your library is a member of BCLA, or $74 for non-members.   On the registration form, instead of entering a number in the “member number” field, simply enter “BCLTA” for tracking purposes.  It’s that easy!

Is there any other way to get this information?

If the Audio Conference program in which you are interested is not at an appropriate time or day for you (at this point many are oriented to eastern time zones), an unedited CD recording of the call is available for purchase.  It is then yours to use at any time. 

Order the CD from the OLA Store at The Partnership website.

At BCLTA we would appreciate any feedback you have regarding these new programs to