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BCLTA publishes bulletins to our membership on an on-going basis to keep trustees informed of current issues.  The topics cover everything from upcoming trustee events to a call to action on provincial or national issues.

Have You Heard? June 28 2006 - BCLTA Board Personnel Update

Have You Heard? June 27 2006 - BCLTA Goals for 2006-2007

Have You Heard? May 2006 - A New Education Resource for Trustees

What Does the BCLTA Do? April 2006 - two page info bulletin

Have You Heard? March 15 2006 - Announcing TOP Training for 2006

Have You Heard? February 21 2006 - Literacy BC

Have You Heard? February 17 2006 Strategic Plan update Strategic Plan Update February 2006 (PDF)

Have You Heard? February 6 2006 - Awards

National Advocacy Issues November 15 2005 - CAP and Book Rate Bulletin

Have You Heard? November 14 2005 - New Trustee Training Programs

Have You Heard? November 14 2005 - New Education Programs for Board Chairs

Have You Heard? November 9 2005 - Public Library Trustee Recognition Program

Have You Heard? Nov 02 2005 - Ministry of Education Consultations Around the Province

Have You Heard? July 29 2005 - Meet the board/Goals for 2005/2006

Open Door Newsletter

BCLTA publishes the Open Door newsletter at least two times per year.  Content is trustee focused and includes information and updates on provincial and federal issues and events; an opportunity for trustees to share their success stories and challenges so others may learn from their experience; recognition of outstanding trustee contributions and information on Trustee education programs.   

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