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From the President of the Canadian Library Trustees Association

The Canadian Library Trustees Association (CLTA), a division of the Canadian Library Association (CLA), is your national trustee voice. We address topics and issues that cross our regional and provincial boundaries, such as the Community Access Program, changes at the National Library and Archives, and the role of technology in our rural libraries. I want to let you know about some developments in which trustees in your province will undoubtedly have an interest.

First, library trustees may now become “corresponding” members in CLTA through their library boards institutional membership. There’s a sliding scale for institutional membership (with larger boards paying a bit more). The range of fees for institutional membership is $325 - $1,000. This is a great deal, given that all trustees within the institutional membership become corresponding members. If your library board wishes to join as an institutional member, please contact CLA right away, as the institutional membership is available to library boards right now! The contact at CLA is Sylvie Deliencourt, who may be reached at (613) 232-9625 (ext. 302) or [email protected].

Second, the interests, concerns, and values that trustees hold have much in common with those of our colleagues in the Canadian Association of Public Libraries. We in CLTA can look for opportunities to work with CAPL over the next while. Of immediate interest is the initiative of the Canadian Health Libraries Association to develop a strategy for health resources online for Canadians. I will be working with CAPL President Peggy Walshe and the Cochrane Library (a health information repository) on this.

Third, at the next Canadian Library Association Annual Conference (to be held in Calgary this year), we will recognize a deserving trustee and library board with the following awards:

a. CLTA Merit Award for Distinguished Service as a Public Library Trustee
b. CLTA/Stan Heath Achievement in Literacy Award

If you would like to prepare a nomination for either of these awards, contact CLA, or consider working through your provincial representatives to develop a nomination. Or contact me directly.

Finally, CLA and CLTA are involved in ensuring that the federal government hears the message that the CAP program is important to Canadian libraries and that the anticipated cuts to the program should be reinstated. Initial indications are that the 50% cut to CAP is being implemented in an uneven way across Canada. Your ongoing interest in and discussion of this issue will ensure that the federal government understands the important of CAP, especially for rural libraries.

That's all for now. Why not send me an email if you’d like to comment on any of these issues or become more involved in CLTA?

Sincerely yours,

Marco Adria ([email protected])
President, Canadian Library Trustees Association

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