Work at BCLTA

BCLTA engages at a provincial level on behalf of library boards across BC. Our ongoing advocacy work includes:

  • Regular meetings with the Director of Public Library Services Branch to discuss library issues from a trustee perspective, and to advocate for positive changes in provincial support for libraries;
  • An annual meeting with the Minister of Community, Aboriginal and Women’s Services (the provincial Ministry responsible for libraries);
  • Participation at the annual Union of BC Municipalities convention. BCLTA organizes a libraries reception, which is co-hosted by other library organizations such as BCLA, and ensures libraries are “top of mind” with delegates;
  • Regular meetings with other provincial library organizations, such as the BC Library Association (BCLA) and the Association of BC Public Library Directors (ABCPLD);
  • Monitoring legislative government legislation that directly or indirectly affects libraries;
  • A standing committee, chaired by the Vice-President, that organizes and oversees our advocacy work.
BCLTA Advocacy Goals 2004-2005
  • To continue to enhance the advocacy profile of the Association
  • To continue to build on relationships with provincial and local governments, partner organizations and various institutions
  • To enhance the involvement of library boards in advocacy issues
  • To research the idea of a library legacy program for B.C. similar to the Lois Hole Legacy Program in Alberta

Action Statements to Support Advocacy Goals 2004-2005

  • Further development of website
  • Expand election strategies
  • Work with PLSB to determine the BCLTA role in the implementation of the Strategic Plan
  • Meet with the Minister of Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services to develop policy and advocate for a Library Legacy Program 
  • Support the Beyond Words library stories initiative

Submitted Briefs and Meetings

BCLTA’s Advocacy Committee (from bylaws)
Committee Description: Standing Committee

5.1 Area of Authority (Motion 94-41)
The Advocacy Committee will:

  • work within the current policies of the Association;
  • direct development of the profile of the Association to the membership, all levels of government, and other organizations;
  • report to the board through the Chair or their designate

5.2 Summary of Responsibilities (Motion 94-41)
The Advocacy Committee will develop policies for:

  • monitoring government legislation and developing policies for response;
  • updating membership on advocacy programs and legislation
  • review of all informational and marketing material, including the logo, and methods of keeping the material updated;
  • directing the development of the advocacy program.

5.3 Committee Membership (Motion 94-41)
The Advocacy Committee will be chaired by the Vice President -Advocacy and may be comprised of up to three members.

5.4 Meetings (Motion 94-41)
The Advocacy Committee will meet as the Chair calls meetings.

5.5 Authority of the President to speak on behalf of BCLTA (Motion 92-13)
The Board empowers the President to formulate and make public a position, on behalf of the BCLTA, in response to time-critical issues which arise between meetings of the full board. All board members will be notified as soon as can be reasonable expected, preferably by fax.





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