"To develop and support library trustees to advance public library service in British Columbia"

2007 Conference

Background Information and Resources from the 2007 Conference in Kelowna

Photos, Awards Listing  and Service Recognition

Conference Feedback and Evaluations

Thursday, May 10

T1 - Trustee Orientation Program 

To supplement and review some of the material presented in the workshop, please refer to BCLTA's TOP online program <link>

T2 - Library Advocacy Now

We encourage trustees to take this training in person whenever you have the opportunity. 
If you would like a copy of the LAN workbook, it is available at:  http://www.cla.ca/divisions/capl/advocacy/index.htm  (the tab in the upper left corner will take you to the PDF file).

T3 - Mike Harcourt


From Restless Cities to Resilient Places:  Building a Stronger Future for all Canadians.  Final Report of the External Advisory Committee on Cities and Communities.  June 2006 http://www.infrastructure.gc.ca/eaccc-ccevc/rep-rap/index_e.shtml.   If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, there is an online version to read and there is an extensive bibliography with further reading resources cited in this report.

City Making in Paradise - Nine Decisions That Saved Greater Vancouver's Livability, Mike Harcourt & Ken Cameron with Sean Rossiter, Published by Douglas & McIntyre (Sep 1 2007), ISBN-10: 1553652576 / ISBN-13: 978-1553652571

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Mike Harcourt's PowerPoint presentation handout

Friday, May 11

F1 - Plenary Address - Wendy Newman
The Library: Heart of the Community <link>

F2 - The Power of Citizen Input - Pat Cavill
The Power of Citizen Input PowerPoint Presentation - best viewed with Internet Explorer, handout

F4 - It Takes a Library to Raise a Community - Ontario Library Services - North
A copy of this valuable manual will be sent to each library board November 2007
Public Libraries in British Columbia Today (2006)
Presentation- handout

F7 - Libraries in Dialogue with Government - Panel
Speakers were: Michael Shoop, Diamond Consulting,
                                Ben Hyman - Manager, Policy and Technology PLSB
                                Gary Swift - Director, Operations and Client Services, Service BC
Libraries in Dialogue with Government Reports - http://bclta.org/diagov.html